4 Ways to Prevent Depression in Truck Drivers

Depression is not uncommon in the trucking industry. Over 20 million Americans suffer from depression and the number keeps going up. Depression is a serious disorder that should not be taken lightly. It affects the way a person eats, sleeps, and feels. Truck drivers are vulnerable to depression because of how demanding the trucking industry is. To keep yourself from feeling depressed on the road, check out 4 ways to prevent depression in truck drivers.


Exercise has been proven to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Regularly exercising releases feel-good endorphins and helps take your mind off worries. Because of the living condition of a truck driver, working out is not an easy task. You cannot join a gym if you are constantly on the road and there is not enough space to work out in the cab of your truck. Truck drivers have to get creative with exercising on the road. Some truckers have reported taking their bicycles with them, packing running shoes or bringing a few dumb bells and resistance bands. 

Talk to your loved ones

Keeping in touch with your friends and family back home helps truck drivers feel less lonely on the road. In some cases truckers are away more than they are home. This can affect a person’s mental health in a lot of negative ways. 

Talking to a family or friend once a day will help take away the feelings of isolation. Even if it is just a quick phone call, it still can be an instant mood booster. Another thing truck drivers can do to keep in touch is by join trucking related social media pages. These social media groups allow truck drivers to communicate with other truckers. Drivers can build relationships with people who face the same challenges. 

Eat healthy 

Living and working on the road does not make it easy to eat healthy. It is difficult for drivers to find healthy food options when fast food and truck stops are the only food options. A bad diet can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and depression.

Consider packing your food before your trip. Invest in cooking equipment to assist you in preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. For meal ideas while on the road, check out our blog Quick and Healthy Meals For Truckers.

Bring a pet

Having a companion makes roadtrips more bearable. There are many physiological and physical benefits for truck drivers taking a pet on the road. Pets have proven to decrease loneliness in a driver’s life. Many trucking companies allow drivers to bring pets with them on the road. Check with your company’s rules on truck driving with a pet.

For more benefits of trucking with your pet check out our blog Trucking With Your Pet Benefits.

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