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About TruckPark

The Trucker’s Network is proudly partnering with TruckPark to offer safe and secure overnight parking to all Trucker’s Network members. TruckPark is the digital truck parking leader and America’s fastest-growing parking service for trucks.

Finding safe overnight parking is crucial for truck drivers. Many drivers struggle with finding available parking spots. The limited parking availability causes drivers to lose sleep, which poses a safety risk to others on the road. Safe parking is valuable for drivers and the cargo they are transporting.

With this partnership, Trucker’s Network members will have access to a discount code and be able to reserve parking spots in real-time along their truck route at a reduced price.

“We are excited about this partnership – it’s a direct line to the driver helping to protect their payloads and in return get adequate rest”

Anthony Petitte, CEO of TruckPark

TruckPark is a values-based company that empowers truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience. The company offers a quick way to find and reserve parking spots throughout the United States. Truck drivers have access to TruckPark’s free mobile app and can easily begin reserving parking spots based on their truck route.

Benefits of Using TruckPark

There are many benefits of using TruckPark as your overnight parking solutions including: 

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Enter the following promotional code on TruckPark’s app to receive 10% off your parking reservation.

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