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One additive to replace all additives

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What is Petrexx?

Petrexx Fuel Additive is one additive to replace all additives. 

Petrexx supplies innovative and niche Fuel Additives for all types of Gasoline, Diesel, Marine Diesel, and Bio-diesels.

The Importance of Fuel Additives

Using the right Fuel Additive will make your life easier, plus save you time and money, which can be make or break for independent trucks and small fleet owners in today’s tight market. 

Petrexx fuel Additives are a One-Additive-To-Replace-All-Additives type of product, and highly suited from the general motorist right up to the largest heavy equipment. 

Petrexx’s has designed their Fuel Additives as a one-stop-solution for all Fuel Related Problems, therefore they only have three Fuel Additives in total, namely one for Diesel Engines, one for Gasoline Engines, one for Marine Diesel Engines, and that is it!

The Benefits of Using Petrexx's Diesel Additives:

  Restore the Lubricity in the fuel.

  Remove the water content in the fuel and make it combustible.

  Remove and Prevent Microbial infestation in your fuel tank.

  Reduce DPF Regeneration by up to 80%.

  Increase DPF Unit Life by up to 3 times.

  Reduced burn-off temperature and less Diesel used per burn-off.

  Reduce DEF usage by up to 70%.

  Reduce costly Downtime.

Reduce Maintenance costs (Filter Replacements).

No Artificial Cetane Boosters needed to enhance performance and combustion.

Reduce Harmful Emissions and Black Smoke.

Clean your Fuel System and Injector nozzles.

Remove Soot and deposits from your Fuel System.

Increase Combustion.

Reduce Fuel Consumption.

Stop “Gelling and Waxing”.

Increase Diesel Freezing Point to almost -40°F.

Manufactured from NON-Petroleum Chemicals.

EPA Registered and OEM Approved by Detroit Diesel, Rolls-Royce, and MTU.

Reduce Idling Time.

Certifications of Petrexx's Diesel Additives:

All Products are registered with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Dieselcure™ is approved and tested by MTU and Detroit Disel Corportation.

All Products are Manufactured from Non-Petroleum Chemicals.

All Products are Manufactured as per ISO 14001 Standards.

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