The Importance of Social Media for Truck Drivers

Social media is not just a place for people to stay in touch with friends and family. It has grown into much more. People use social media to advertise their business, ask for advice and recommendations, share the latest news updates and more. Many truckers do not know the importance of social media for truck drivers. Social media, if used correctly, can be a real benefit to one’s life.

Trucking and social media go hand in hand. Social media is used to stay in contact with people regardless of distance. Truckers spend several days at a time away on the road. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow truckers to stay in touch with friends, family and their trucking community.

Reasons for joining social media

  • Stay in touch with your friends and family

With all the time spent away from home, truckers tend to get lonely and can even become depressed. Social media allows you to stay in contact and keep up with your loved ones.

  • Network with the trucking community

Social media is a great place to find other truckers and communicate with them. You can join/follow trucking related groups and accounts on social media platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Trucking pages are a great place to ask for recommendations, learn about the trucking industry and listen to personal experience from other truckers.

  • Advertise your services or business

If you are an owner operator or looking for a job in trucking, social media is a cheap and easy way to market yourself and your services. Use social media to post about what you do and your skills.

Social media pages to join/follow

If you are considering exploring the social media world, or maybe already have social media, consider joining/following these pages.

The Trucker’s Network

The Trucker’s Network is a one stop site, for both truckers and trucking service providers. It allows truckers to search and find specific services or products that will allow them to keep them doing what they do best, trucking.

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Truckers Helping Truckers

This Facebook group was created to help new truck drivers learn the ways of the road. Members of the group often share advice and helpful articles to other truckers.

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S.H.E. Trucking

S.H.E. Trucking is a facebook group that empowers women truck drivers in the trucking industry. Women professional truck drivers share, network and support potential and current women truckers.

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Truck Drivers in USA

Truck Drivers in USA covers everything trucking in their groups. Truckers share photos of their big rig, discuss current trucking topics, share job listings and more. If you are a new or current trucker, this is a great group to join. 

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Heavy Truck Network

Heavy Truck Network is a group on LinkedIn that allows long haul truckers, heavy truck owners and general semi truck fans to discuss truck transportation and related topics.

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