The Best Gift Guide for Truckers on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day of the year. It’s a day set aside to acknowledge and show appreciation to fathers and father figures. This year, Father’s Day is on June 21st and it will be here before you know it. Fathers who are truckers may not have the luxury of spending father’s day with their children during Father’s Day due to their work schedules. Truckers, who are fathers, sacrifice a lot for their career as a professional truck driver. So, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for them will help make their trips on the road a little easier. Check out the best gift guide for truckers on Father’s Day.

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Seat Cushion

Truck drivers spend up to 11 hours driving a day in a 7 day work period. Sitting in an uncomfortable seat can lead to many aches and pains, especially in your legs and back. Check to see if your dad has a comfortable seat cushion in his truck. If not, consider getting him one for Father’s Day. He will greatly appreciate it. Check out Amazon’s #1 best selling seat cushion.


A trucker-friendly GPS perhaps might be the most useful gift to get your dad this Father’s Day. Constantly traveling to new places can be confusing for truckers. A GPS that has specialized truck routing will help guide trucks on the right path to their destination. Check out one of the top rated GPS systems by truck drivers.

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Trucker Clothes

A t-shirt or trucker hat may seem like a small gift, but it will definitely bring a smile to your dad’s face. When wearing the shirt your dad will be reminded and think of you. Check out some of these trucker dad t-shirts. 

12 Volt Cooler

Coolers are a great way to save money and eat healthy on the road. Your dad will greatly appreciate this gift. Tip: fill the cooler with your dad’s favorite snacks and drinks. Check out some of our recommended 12 V coolers.

Cell Phone Car Mount 

Smartphones can be handy while driving on the road. They are also a dangerous distraction. If your dad uses his smartphone as a GPS, it can be dangerous to constantly be holding the phone or looking down at the device to see the directions. A cell phone car mount will make your dad’s life much easier and safer. Check out our recommended cell phone car mount.


Headsets are important for all truck drivers. With the amount of time spent on the road, staying focused and safe should be a top priority. There are many distractions on the road. A good headset can help eliminate those distractions. Check out our blog post on our top recommended headsets for truckers. Also, all members of The Trucker’s Network receive discount codes for lower prices. Sign up today by clicking here.

Best Headsets for Truckers

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