Spring Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

You survived winter! The cold, grey days are behind us and so are the dangerous winter roads. Driving in the winter season can put a truck driver into some very dangerous situations. Although spring is not near as dangerous, there are still some safety precautions truckers should be aware of when driving.

Rainy Days

We have all heard the saying, “Spring showers bring May flowers”. Be prepared for the rainy days that come with spring time. Heavy rain presents issues of visibility and can cause hydroplaning. Drive slowly and pull off to the side of the road until the heavy rains pass.


Be aware of potholes! Potholes are very common in late winter and early spring due to excessive water from the freezing and melting cycle. They can cost truck drivers a lot of money and can do some serious damage to your truck.


After spending months indoors, people are anxious to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Be on the lookout for bikers riding alongside the road and children playing.


Although truckers should be watching out for animals all year round, they become more active in the spring. Many animals are arising from winter sleep, migrating or breeding. You should always be prepared to break and not swerve out of the way.

Tire Pressure

Checking your trucks tire pressure should be a regular safety routine for truckers. As the weather gets warmer it is common for your tire pressure to drop.

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