Reward Programs Every Truck Driver Should Know About

There are many perks to being a truck driver, and reward programs are one of them. Truck driver reward programs are a great way to save money on the road. One of the most common types of reward programs are fuel programs. Most major truck stop chains offer points for filling up your truck at their location. Some programs even offer discounts on fuel and free showers. If you are considering joining a truck driver reward program, check out these three below.

My Love Rewards

You can sign up for My Love Rewards at any Love’s truck stop location or online. With a My Love Rewards card, the more you spend, the more you earn. When you fill up your truck at a Love’s truck stop, you earn points. For example, if you get 1,500 gallons of fuel this, you earn 4 points per gallon and a Diamond status next month. Each point equals one cent in store discounts. In addition, the Diamond and Platinum member status allow truck drivers to get free showers and free drink refills!

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers Rewards

Truck drivers can sign up for the Pilot Flying J reward program in stores or online. Once you become a member you have access to great deals at any Pilot truck stop. For example, you can earn points by purchasing fuel and coffee. There are special offers to truck drivers who are pro members. For example, you get high speed wifi, monthly bonus rewards and personalized rewards. Truck drivers can use their points in store to get discounts and even free items. However, if you do not redeem your points, they will expire over time.
Another great perk to a Pilot rewards membership is you also get special offers during your birthday month!

TravelCenters of America UltraONE Rewards

Whether you are a professional truck driver or coach driver, you can join the UltraONe loyalty program! UltraONE is a loyalty program that saves drivers time and money. You can earn points by purchasing items and filling up at any TA, Petro Shopping Center or TA Express location. When you first sign up for the loyalty program, you are enrolled in First Gear. The First Gear allows truck drivers to gain 1 point per gallon. You can use your points earned towards free showers, to reserve parking or meals.

Questions to Ask Before Joining a Rewards Program

Most truck driver reward programs are similar in a lot of ways. However, not all programs are equal. Depending on your personal needs, you need to decide which rewards program best suits you as a truck driver. Here are some questions to ask before joining.

  • How much can I save on fuel?
  • How do I earn and redeem points?
  • How do the tiers work?
  • Are there any other perks?
  • Do my points expire?

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