Requirements for Becoming a Truck Driver

If you’re looking for a career with freedom, flexibility, job security and tons of benefits then becoming a truck driver might be for you. As demands for goods increase, more truck drivers are needed to keep supply chains moving. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for truck drivers are expected to increase by 5% by 2028. That provides a great opportunity for those wanting to make a career out of truck driving.
While truck driving can be difficult at times, it can also be a very rewarding career. It provides drivers with the opportunity to travel across the U.S., while making a living.

Still interested in joining the trucking industry? Check out some of the requirements below for becoming a truck driver.

Education Requirements

Although a college degree is not required it could lead to a rewarding, successful career in the trucking industry. Many trucking companies are now starting to require drivers to have a highschool diploma or GED. A certificate of completion from an accredited truck driving school would be very helpful in the hiring process, but it is not a requirement. Obtaining a commercial driving license (CDL), however, is a requirement. In certain states, a CDL can only be issued by completing a truck driving and safety course. Be sure to check out state CDL requirements. In addition to the CDL requirement, some employers may require certain specific certifications such as, special license endorsements, air brakes endorsements or HAZMAT.

Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement to obtain a CDL is 18, but if you are under the age of 21, you can only drive within state lines. The majority of trucking companies have a minimum hiring age of 21 years old.

Driving History

You will need to provide a 10 year driving record for every state you lived in. Clean driving records are strict requirements for truck drivers. In fact, most trucking companies will conduct a background check to see if your criminal record is clean and free of any major charges that would interfere with your job. You cannot qualify for a CDL if your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked in any state.

Physical Requirements

There are certain medical and physical requirements a truck driver must meet in order to pass the DOT physical exam. All exams are conducted by a medical examiner approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Be prepared for the exam to test your vision, blood pressure, hearing, color distinction, and cardiovascular health. It also tests to see if you are able to endure sitting for long periods of time.

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