Important Benefits of Using TruckPark

One important concern that truck drivers have is finding safe and legal places to park. Last fall we introduced you to TruckPark, an app that offers a solution to your parking problems. Using this valuable app, drivers can find and reserve parking spots along their route, throughout most of the United States.

TruckPark was recently nominated as one of the 101 Top Illinois Information Technology Companies and Startups of 2021 by This nomination was given to the most innovative IT companies that have shown the highest growth and societal impact in the state.

They have recently started offering an Enterprise Booking System (EBS) that allows brokers, carriers, and shippers to book multiple parking spots for their drivers within a single dashboard. They’re redefining fleet parking with this tool called TruckPark Reserve which also uses real-time data and helps trucking companies plan their routes more efficiently.

Here are some benefits of having parking reservations for truck drivers.

  • Better HOS Scores – HOS violations can negatively affect insurance premiums and can even cause a delay at weigh stations
  • Insurance Claim Acceptability – reserving a parking spot can mean that you have the ability to make sure the location is acceptable to your insurance company
  • Safety – having a secure spot reserved saves truckers from having to park in unsafe areas
  • Saves Time – sometimes it can be difficult to find a secure area to park and having reserved parking spots saves time

The Trucker’s Network members receive a TruckPark discount allowing them to reserve safe parking spots at a lower rate. Save both time and money by becoming a member of The Trucker’s Network and using the TruckPark app.

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