Best Power Inverters For Truckers

Power inverters allow truckers to use their vehicle’s battery to power up different devices. When you live your life on the road, this tool becomes a necessity. Owning a power inverter allows you to cook, store food, make coffee and more all from your truck.

To save yourself some time, do not buy the cheapest one you find. Buying a power inverter is an investment and it can actually save you money in the long run. 

Searching for the best price and best quality can be a lengthy process. To save you from reading tons of reviews and research. We have searched for the best power inverters for truckers in 2020.

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WEN 56200

WEN 56200 is an editor’s choice power inverter. It has a large number of positive reviews and is highly rated for providing the best service and durability. This power inverter is exceptionally quiet and is safe to use on small devices such as cell phones and laptops. Other features of the WEN 56200:

  • Lightweight design
  • Eco-mode feature
  • Plug in multiple devices

GoWISE Power

The GoWise power pure sine power inverter 3000w supplies you with AC power converted from a DC power source. The power inverter is a stable power source with 3000W of continuous power and 6000W surge power. It has 5 kinds of protection systems: thermal protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, low voltage protection alarm. This makes it extremely safe for truck drivers. Other features include:

  • Highly durable
  • LED light to indicate problem
  • Automatic shutdown feature

WZRELB Reliable

WZRELB Reliable delivers 2000 watts of continuous AC power. It comes with 4 three prong AC outlets and two USB power ports. This power inverter is lightweight, quiet, and you can hook up several home and office devices. Other features:

  • Bluetooth control with free app
  • MSW inverter 
  • Removable control panel with nine-foot cord.


Krieger power inverter has up to 2,000 watts of continuous power. It also has all the protections you will need: overload, over voltage, under voltage, high temperature and short circuit. Other features include:

  • MET approved
  • High speed cooling fan
  • Ability to run multiple devices

Soyond 3000

Soyond 3000 watt power inverter comes with two grounded AC outlets. Its unique feature of multi protection makes it the safest power inverter on our list. It is very durable and can last up to several years. Other features:

  • Includes soft start feature
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Advanced microprocessor control design

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