Benefits of Team Driving

The demand for truckers has never been higher. Trucking companies are always looking for qualified drivers. If you have thought about team driving in the past, but never gave it full consideration, now is the best time. Team driving might also be a good option for those interested in joining the industry, but are scared to face it alone. 

So, what exactly is team driving? Team driving is very simple. It’s two qualified drivers with CDLs in one truck. One will drive while the other rests, then they rotate. Team driving may work great for some truckers while others might work best alone. Here is a list of benefits of team diving.

Better pay

It’s not uncommon for team drivers to make more money as a team than driving solo. Having a partner means you can drive more hours throughout the day. More time on the road equals more money in your pockets.

Less lonely

Many truckers suffer from depression. Being alone on the road for many weeks out of the year can take a toll on one’s mental health. Having a partner with you can help tremendously.

Work with your spouse

If you are married, team driving could be a huge benefit to you and your spouse. Team driving with your spouse means spending more time together and you can make great money. 

Less expenses 

Having a partner means sharing expenses. If your truck breaks down, you and your partner can split the costs 50 percent. You and your partner can save a lot of money by splitting costs.

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