Advantages and Disadvantages of Short Haul Trucking

Truck driving is a popular occupation among many American citizens. Trucking jobs, especially now, are in high demand. There are many different types of trucking jobs. They are often categorized into long haul or short haul trucking. Short haul trucking can appeal to many truckers. It all depends on the individual preference of a trucker. If you are are interested in short haul trucking, check out the advantages and disadvantages of short haul trucking.

Short haul truckers operate smaller tractor-trailers and typically work regional or local. They usually drive within 150 miles of their region.
Long haul truckers often operate bigger tractor-trailers and spend several days at a time on the road. They can drive anywhere in the continental U.S. and in some cases Mexico or Canada.

Many truckers are starting to choose short haul trucking over long haul because long haul trucking takes a toll on one’s health and personal life. Long haul truck drivers spend days or weeks out on the road. It is hard for long haul truckers to maintain personal relationships and spend time with family. Short haul trucking allows truckers to come home after work each day to be with their family.


Just like any other type of trucking. Short haul has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of its advantages.

  • Better quality of life

Short haul truck drivers spend more time at home. This allows them to come home each day to their family and friends. They also have access to healthier meals.

  • Less expenses

Since short haul truckers spend more time at home, there are less on the road expenses. Short haul drivers do not have to worry about shower fees, booking a hotel, or planning week’s worth of meals on the road.

  • Familiar routes

Short haul truckers work close to home. This means they are more familiar with the roads. This can make the job less intimidating and stressful for the trucker.

  • Availability

In most urban areas, there are a lot of available runs for truck drivers.


  • Less pay

Short haul truckers tend to make less money each year than long haul truck drivers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, short haul drivers earn an average of $38,640 per year and long haul drivers earn an average of $43,680 per year.

  • Long work days

Work days for short haul trucking start early and end late. Although truckers are home more, the long work days are something to consider if you are interested in short haul trucking.

  • More unloading

Short haul truckers tend to make multiple pickups and deliveries each day. Be prepared to spend a big chunk of your day loading and unloading.

  • Inconsistent work

Short haul trucking can oftentimes be seasonal depending on what you are hauling.

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