Advance Pre-employment Planning for Truckers

Advanced Pre-Employment Training: Improving Training in Truck Drivers Across the Nation

Becoming a truck driver is not an easy task. Several requirements must be met.

After reviewing and meeting the requirements, you will need to obtain a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) through the DMV in your state.

To get your CDL you must pass a knowledge and skills test. Many drivers attend a trucking school to help prepare them for the CDL tests.

After successfully passing the CDL tests, you now have your Class A CDL.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Well, there is a lot more to becoming a professional truck driver than just passing a few exams and getting your CDL.

Trucking, as you may know, is not an easy career. It can be stressful, dangerous, lonely, and emotionally draining,

Drivers need to make it a priority to become fully prepared for life on the road.

Being prepared for life on the road can help avoid unnecessary mistakes and losses.

Attending a trucking school is one way for drivers to prepare themselves for their new adventure. However, drivers do not always learn everything they need to be successful during their time at trucking school.

Trucking schools will cover the basics for classroom instruction and in driving modules. But, new drivers need to learn more than just the basics.

How do new drivers acquire the right training?

The Trucker’s Network is proudly partnering with Advanced Pre-Employment Training, which is a training course for both professional drivers and trucking companies.

Advanced Pre-Employment Training helps grow your industry knowledge by providing training courses on all the important topics for becoming a successful driver: Pre-trip inspection, company representation, communication, document organization, bill of lading, refrigeration units, weight and axles, safety, and industry knowledge.

Their focus points are to increase stability and growth in the business, eliminate mistakes and financial losses, maintain company safety rating, and eliminate drivers and owner-operators quitting or losing their jobs.

The Trucker’s Network members can now save 5% off Advanced Pre-Employment Training courses by using our exclusive promo code.

Become a member today and save instantly on the industry’s best products and services.

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