6 Quick Tips for Truck Drivers to Find the Right Health Plan and Agent

Truck driving can be a dangerous job. Due to a truck driver’s living and work conditions, drivers expose themselves to unique health risks. Health insurance is an expensive, yet necessary expense for truck drivers. It helps protect drivers from the unexpected, high medical costs. Although truck drivers should have a health plan many do not. Some trucking companies offer health plans for truck drivers. However, if you are an owner operator or an independent contractor, you might have to find your own health insurance policy.

The Trucker’s Network is proudly partnering with the Health Plan Partner to help our members learn about the options they have for health insurance. The Health Plan Partner is dedicated to helping members of The Trucker’s Network find and learn about what is available to them in the marketplace.

Since 1995, the Health Plan Partner has helped their clients figure out this Health Insurance Maze we are in. Here are 6 tips from the Health Plan Partner for finding the right Health plan and Agent for truck drivers!

  1. Review your options with an experienced agent that specializes in Health Plans and can guide you in the right direction. (even if it’s not a plan they offer)
  2. Determine your budget (there are options for any budget; but the adage is true…”You get what you pay for”…so beware)
  3. Have a list of your Doctors, Medications and any health History (Some plans require health history)
  4. Review your current plan (if you have one) annually to see if there are better options & rates available. (Plans change constantly)
  5. Have the plans explained to you in detail and ASK a lot of questions and role play various situations; quite a few times we only find out what the plan doesn’t cover when we need it!
  6. Again find an Agent you feel comfortable with…Trust and can call for guidance and questions ANY TIME!

With over 25 years of experience, Health Plan Partner wants to help truckers find the right health insurance plan. Call today for a free quote and make sure to mention The Trucker’s Network. 

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