123Loadboard: Newest Partner With The Trucker’s Network

The Trucker’s Network is excited to announce our newest partnership with 123Loadboard! This partnership brings our members an exclusive 10% off on all membership plans.

The Trucker’s Network mission is to help truck drivers save money providing our members with the exclusive discounts on the best quality trucking products in the industry today. By partnering with 123Loadboard, we get to bring our members a wider variety of discounts. They mark our 9th partner to offer our members discounts, with no plans of stopping soon.   

What is 123Loadboard?

123Loadboard is a freight matching service company with the goal of “helping professional truck drivers one load at a time”. Since being founded in 2004, the have been helping  truckers increase their loaded miles while also providing brokers, shippers and manufacturers with an effective way to ship their freight.  They have the highest level of customer service with their carriers, brokers and shippers.

123Loadboard stays up to date to provide truckers with real-time information so they never have to worry about missing a load. A lot of companies make you pay for faster rates and real-time refreshing but this feature is included with all 123Loadboard’s membership plans. 

Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of using 123Loadboard.

A Word From Their Co-Founder

We are excited about connecting with The Trucker’s Network. This industry is all about working together and moving freight – a partnership like this helps everyone do just that

Loarn Metzen, Co-Founder of 123Loardboard

How To Join

Trucker’s Network members can visit 123Loadboard and enter The Trucker’s Network exclusive promo code, (shown on their account screen upon logging in) to receive 10% off all 123Loadboard’s Membership plans.

Not a member of The Trucker’s Network? Sign up today and start saving instantly with all of our partners. 

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