TTN Partners with CDL Consultant, INC – The #1 Traffic Ticket Resource

The Truckers Network is pleased to announce its newest partner, CDL Consultant, INC. CDL Consultant is the #1 Traffic Ticket Resource in North America, with over 11,000 local attorneys in their network. They will serve as The Truckers Network’s official Safety and Ticket Resource for commercial drivers. Unlike many services that require monthly membership and ongoing premiums, CDL Consultant provides CDL Drivers the help they need immediately, for a small, flat fee.

Company Drivers and Owner Operators are very aware that a citation can affect their CDL, their MVR, and their PSP. Most of the time, drivers either must enroll in a legal benefit plan or search for a local attorney on Google. This is frustrating and time-consuming. If you do not have a legal benefit plan (which is often expensive and not used enough to be worth it) you have to search for an attorney yourself and you might not find the best or the cheapest option.

CDL Consultant does the legwork for you. When you call or email CDL Consultant, they immediately pair you with the most qualified attorney local to that area. CDL Consultant does not stop there. After your case has been heard, CDL Consultant will obtain the official court disposition and provide a copy to you for your records or your company. If you received a roadside inspection with your ticket, CDL Consultant will file a DATAQ with DOT to amend the violation and protect your CSA score and your reputation with your company.

Whether you are an Owner-Operator or a Company Driver, you work incredibly hard for your pay. Even a two-million-mile safe driver is susceptible to inspections that can result in tickets and fines. Every professional driver must have a trusted resource that can help them challenge tickets. CDL Consultant knows that to make money, you need to be running. Because of this, the attorney they hire will appear on your behalf, so you can keep driving and making money for you and your family. Whether you have a traffic ticket right now or not, make sure to add CDL Consultant to your contacts right away.

Save “Ticket Help” in your phone’s contacts, with the number 888-240-2196

The Trucker’s Network members can now save 10% on CSA watch, CDL Manager, and Safety Management Plans. Members will also get a FREE DOT Audit Protection when bundled with either CSA Watch or CDL Manager Service.

Start saving now!

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