Trucking Industry Needs Drivers: Iowa Community College Earns Grant to Train Truck Drivers

Driver shortage has been a topic of discussion in the trucking industry for the past several years. To help combat the driver shortage reported by the American Trucking Association, a college in Iowa, Eastern Iowa Community College,  has received a $100,000 grant to help grow the next generation of truck drivers. The grant will provide full tuition for 88 students in the college’s manufacturing, front line leadership and truck driving programs.

Paula Arends,  EICC’s workforce innovation director, said the demand for drivers is increasing. She also stated, “We’re looking at a 21% increase in the need between now and the next decade.”

Arend also stated, “Transportation companies are always hiring and the placement of students if they do the training is almost always at or near 100%.”

She goes on to say, “It is really good pay and a good outcome for students.”

The majority of drivers today are getting ready to retire. Trucking companies are always looking to recruit new drivers to make up for the huge loss of drivers within the coming years.

Despite the pandemic, trucking is one of the few essential services that is thriving.

Arends said, “Truck driving really does run everything, you know everything that requires goods and services throughout the country,” 
If you are interested in starting your career in trucking, check out Eastern Iowa Community College truck driving certification program here.

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