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Trucking Equipment – The Best Portable Cookers for Cooking on the Road

Many truck drivers struggle with living a healthy lifestyle on the road. Unless drivers pack their food, they will have very few healthy food options on the road. Cooking your meals on the road can save you time, money, and increase your overall physical health. To cook on the road, drivers need specific cooking equipment in their cab. Portable cookers are a great way to cook an inexpensive and healthy meal on the road. Check out our top 4 trucking cooking equipment recommendations for portable cookers.

Before buying a portable cooker, you will need to invest in a power inverter. A power inverter allows you to use your vehicle’s battery to generate AC that can run many different types of electrical devices. Inverters come in many sizes. The size you choose depends on the watts you want to run. So, take into consideration the devices you want to run on your power inverter before buying one

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RoadPro Slow Cooker

The RoadPro 12-V slow cooker is perfect for cooking delicious meals on the road. You can plus the slow cooker directly into a 12-volt power port and begin cooking. This slow cooker cooks between 140 degrees and 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Portable Oven

This portable oven is super efficient, convenient, and easy to use. Simply plug it into any cigarette outlet or 12-volt power source and begin cooking your meals. To prepare your meals, place your food into the tote, plug in the portable oven into an outlet, and wait for your food to be warm and ready. Keep in mind that frozen food takes longer to heat up. So, you may need to start cooking 2 to 3 hours before you want to eat.

RoadPro Portable Saucepan

The RoadPro portable saucepan allows truckers to cook a variety of meals on the road. Simply plug the saucepan into a cigarette outlet or 12-volt power source and you’re ready to start cooking. It is perfect for making spaghetti, heating canned foods, and many more.

Travelisimo Electric Lunch Box

This Travelisimo electric lunch box is perfect if you want to enjoy a homemade meal. Start by plugging the electric lunch box into a 12-volt power source or cigarette outlet and quickly begin cooking your meal. The Travelisimo lunch box heats up within minutes and allows truckers to enjoy a healthy meal on the road.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any of these top 4 trucking cooking equipment recommendations of portable cookers or if you would recommend a different one to your fellow truck driver.

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