Truckers Against Trafficking: How Drivers Can Help Fight Modern Day Slavery

Human trafficking is a real and frightening issue in the United States. It is a crime that forcefully exploits women, men, and children. Human trafficking involves transporting a person into a situation of exploitation, which can include forced labor, marriage, or prostitution. The term “exploitation” in this sense, is commonly referred to as “modern slavery”.

At this time, it is estimated that there are 20 to 40 million human trafficking victims internationally. According to ACLU, The U.S. Department of State estimates that 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States each year.

Truckers Against Trafficking exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking, bus, and energy industries to combat human trafficking. 

Truckers Against Trafficking Goals

  • Saturate trucking and related industries with TAT materials.
  • Partner with law enforcement and government agencies to facilitate the investigation of human trafficking.
  • Marshal the resources of our partners to combat this crime.

The Trucker’s Network proudly sponsors Truckers Against Trafficking and their efforts to fight against this heinous crime that is affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

How Truckers Can Help

  1. Training Video: Watch Truckers Against Trafficking’s free training video and take the short quiz through their online portal. This will register you as an officially TAT Trained/TAT Certified driver. 
  2. Know the Red Flags: Download the Truckers Against Trafficking app and request a wallet card and window decal at
  3. Share: Share Truckers Against Trafficking’s training with others in person and through social media.

How Trucking Companies/Schools Can Help

  1. Training Video: Share Truckers Against Trafficking’s free training video with your drivers. Request a digital file of our video or physical DVD from
  2. Know the Red Flags: Tell your drivers to download the Truckers Against Trafficking app and/or request wallet cards for your drivers from
  3. Register: Register your company as trained to reflect your impact in the fight against trafficking and encourage others to do the same.  

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