Trucker Safety during coronavirus outbreak

Trucker Safety Tips During Coronavirus Outbreak

With the current COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic, the demand for truckers is at an all-time high. Certain businesses have shut down due to social distancing, causing the remaining open businesses to go through their inventory at a faster than normal rate. With the need to restock their shelves, more and more freight needs to be moved. This high demand of freight has made truckers an essential part of this pandemic. We appreciate our truckers on the road and want them to stay safe during this pandemic. Here are some tips on how truckers can stay safe during coronavirus outbreak.

What can truckers do to stay safe during this pandemic?

The safety of truckers is very important. It is estimated that around 71% of all freight moved in the United States is done so by trucks. Without them, the depleting shelves would not be able to be restocked, in addition, the medical field would not get the necessary supplies to help combat the virus.  As truckers are traveling all around the US, they have the potential to come in contact with this deadly virus at any time. As there are no vaccines for the coronavirus at this time, the CDC, or Center of Disease Control and Prevention, has advise ways to stop the spread. Truckers can follow these safety practices to keep them safe as well as avoid the spread.

Steps to preventing the spread:

  • Wash your hands often
    • Individuals should wash their hands at least 20 seconds with soap and water. However, an alternative is to use an alcohol-based hand rub, which contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Try keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your truck to use every time you enter and exit your truck.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
    • For the most part, the virus is spread by droplets generated by an infected person. As the virus can live in the air for around 3 hours, washing your hands before any necessary touching your face can help prevent the spread.
    • Also, cover all coughs and sneezes and throw any used tissues in the trash. Followed immediately by washing or sanitizing your hands.
  • Maintain social distance
    • The recommended distance between individuals is 6 feet apart. Truckers spend a great deal of their time in their truck, however once out of your truck follow this guideline to avoid the spread.
    • Utilize the benefits offered to truckers during this time. This can include restaurants helping truckers by bringing them their food anytime this service is available. Distancing yourself from people anytime that you can will help.
  • Sanitize commonly touched areas
    • As the virus can live on surfaces for extended amounts of time, it is advised to sanitize any commonly touched area. Though the CDC does not believe this is the main way the virus spreads, it is still important in the fight against the spread of this disease.

Remember these safety practices as you, the Truckers, continue keeping America moving during this coronavirus outbreak.

 A special thanks to Truckers!

We here at The Trucker’s Network thank you for all that you do and are doing during this time!  Stay safe and healthy.

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