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Top Five Diners Truckers Need To Visit

Being a truck driver allows you to see the beautiful U.S. and have many unique experiences. Trucking diners are one of those unique experiences. If there’s one thing that truckers love, it’s food. There are thousands of roadside diners in the United States, and we have listed the top 5 diners according to truckers.

Cookin From Scratch is an award winning country cooking restaurant located in Doolittle, MO. They have an extensive menu that ranges from appetizers, fresh Angus burgers, sandwiches, country fried steaks and desserts. Be sure to try their signature dish, pan fried chicken!

Iowa 80 has come to be the largest truck stop in America! Inside the truck stop is Iowa 80 kitchen. An all day buffet just for truckers! They have a wide variety of different burgers, steaks and soups. 

Big Texan AKA home of the 72 oz Steak was rated Texas’s number one steakhouse by Texas Country reporter. It is located on the iconic route 66 in Amarillo, Texas. They offer a free meal to anyone who can eat the entire 72 oz steak meal in less than an hour! Make sure to try their signature dishes- baby back ribs, fried mushrooms and mountain of oysters.

Space Aliens located in Fargo, North Dakota may not seem like the typical trucker diner, but wait until you taste their life changing ribs. The slow smoked barbeque ribs have been voted America’s best ribs at the National BBQ Rib and Chicken cook off in Memphis, Tennessee. 

South of the Boarder  this unique diner has food options for everyone! Their dining options range from hot dogs, Mexican food and steaks. After you’re done eating, top it off with their famous ice cream or yogurt! 

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