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Truckers can spend up to 11 hours a day driving. It’s not uncommon for them to spend several days at a time away from home. With truckers spending so many hours on the road, life can get lonely. Just like any other career, trucking can get boring after a while. Listening to podcasts is a good way to keep your mind occupied and stay alert on the road.

Listening to podcasts can be quite easy if you own a smartphone. If you have an iPhone, your phone should automatically have the “Podcasts” app installed. You can always re download the app if you deleted it. For an android device, download the Podcast Player app from the Playstore. After installing the app you can start exploring topics of interest.

We listed some of our favorite trucking podcasts to help you get started. 

Blue Ribbon Podcast

Formerly known as The American Truck Driver, the Blue Ribbon Podcast is all about how to thrive and survive in the trucking industry as an owner operator. The hosts ChrisPolk and Larry W. Long talk about the mistakes they have made as truckers and give tips on how to avoid making those same mistakes. This podcast will give you all the tools and information you need to become a successful Owner Operator.

Over the Road

Over the Road podcast is an 8 part series hosted by “Long Haul Paul”, a musician, storyteller and trucker for nearly 40 years. This podcast talks about the trials and triumphs of American truckers and how the industry is changing due to new technology and regulations. 


TalkCDL will make life on the road a lot more entertaining. They cover everything you can imagine about trucking: trucking laws, trucker surveys, trucking news, and topics other fellow truckers suggest.

A Trucker’s Mind

A Trucker’s Mind is a podcast that explores current topics, and general life topics. The show is hosted by Ed Mcgee and K.Fings. This podcast is like listening to the thoughts of a trucker driving hundreds of miles up and down the highway.

Trucker Dump

Trucker dump is a podcast that has been around for several years. If you are a trucker, potential trucker or a curious non-trucker, this is the show for you. This podcast shares interesting stories from truckers and covers current hot topics. 

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