Tools Every Truck Driver Should Have

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road. With that being said, truckers need to be prepared for every situation that could possibly come their way.  Although truckers are not required to have mechanical skills, there are a few tools and tricks they should have just in case. Here are tools every truck driver should have.


Every trucker needs a pair of gloves in their truck. Gloves keep your hands warm during the winter months and protect them from hand injuries.

Tool Box

It’s likely that you will have a variety of tools in your truck. Having a toolbox in your truck will help keep your truck organized. Look for a tool box that has different slots and spaces so your tools are more organized and easier to find.


A flashlight will come in handy if your truck breaks down or if you need to check for damages at night. Make sure to have a couple extra flashlights and batteries in your truck.

Pocket Knife

A sharp durable knife will go a long way in your truck. Make sure to pick one up.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Regularly checking your tire pressure will help avoid tire blowouts on the road. 

Adjustable Wrench 

It’s likely that you will run into a situation where you need a wrench. Buy an adjustable wrench just in case you don’t have the right size.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses will protect your eyes just in case you have to fix something on your truck.

Being a well prepared truck driver means having tools in your truck that will help get you through any situation that comes your way.  We know that every circumstance is different and sometimes you will need more than just tools to get you through. 

Didn’t see your favorite tool listed? Share with us your must have tools to keep in your semi truck. 

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