Should Long-Haul Truckers Take Advantage of Using a Load Board?

Advantages of using a load board

When the wheels are turning we’re making money. Avoiding any unnecessary downtime is vital to our ability to make a good living and using a load board like 123Loadboard is a great option for both owner/operators and companies alike. In fact, 123Loadboard is relied up by some of the largest companies on the road, including, […]

How to Prepare for the Long-Haul Trucker Lifestyle

How to Prepare for the Long-Haul Trucker Lifestyle

Being a trucker more than a job – It’s a lifestyle. I know you’ve heard that before, but I assure you that it’s completely true. There isn’t a long-haul truck driver alive that has a “normal” life. When you get behind the wheel of your rig and hit the highway everything changes. Life as you […]

Products to Help Life on the Road Feel More like Home

Bring Home to Life on the Road

Life on the road for a long-haul trucker means spending the majority of your time in your truck. For most truckers, their truck ultimately becomes their home away from home. All this time away makes it important for truckers to have a sense of comfort while in their truck. The long hours can be demanding […]