Why is Mental Health an Issue in the Trucking Industry?

Mental health is an issue that is not discussed enough in the trucking industry. Truck drivers are perceived as tough and manly. Therefore, the topic of mental health is often overlooked. The truth is, truck drivers are human. They have their emotional and mental struggles just like every other working American. The only difference is […]

Mental Health Advice for Truck Drivers

Mental health is a topic that is not being addressed enough in the trucking industry.  There are many articles, websites, and businesses that help truck drivers live a physically healthy lifestyle, but what about mental health?  Mental health issues are not uncommon in truck drivers. In fact, trucking poses several risk factors when it comes […]

7 Simple Ways to Reduce and Manage Stress as a Truck Driver

Reducing Stress as a Truck Driver

We all know that being a Truck Driver comes with stress. Between the loneliness of the job to the health problems it can cause to keeping up with all the trucking regulations, it is no wonder why truckers can find themselves with increased stress levels. Truckers spend majority of their time alone driving from one […]

Mental Health Tips for Truckers

Mental Health Tips for Truckers Hand on Steering wheel in semi

Life on the Road for a Trucker can have a tremendous effect on a driver’s mental health. Drivers spend most of their time on the road alone and away from family and friends. While truck driving can be a rewarding job, the extended periods of isolation can attribute to a decline in a driver’s mental […]