Healthy on the Road Meals for Truck Drivers

Trucking is a rewarding, yet challenging career. There are many sacrifices you have to make when becoming a truck driver, and a healthy diet is one of them. As a truck driver, you are always on the go. You do not have access to a house full of fresh groceries and the food options on […]

10 Quick Tips for Truck Driver Diet Plans

Good nutrition is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. A good diet combined with physical activity can help truck drivers lose weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. If you are a truck driver looking for ways to live healthier, maintain or lose weight, check out these 10 quick and easy tips […]

Mental Health Tips for Truckers

Mental Health Tips for Truckers Hand on Steering wheel in semi

Life on the Road for a Trucker can have a tremendous effect on a driver’s mental health. Drivers spend most of their time on the road alone and away from family and friends. While truck driving can be a rewarding job, the extended periods of isolation can attribute to a decline in a driver’s mental […]