Workout Equipment Every Truck Driver Should Keep in Their Truck

Finding the time to exercise while on the road can be challenging. With the amount of time truck drivers spend on the road, their health begins to suffer. A truck driver’s lifestyle puts them at risk for developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, heart attack, and stroke. Although being a truck driver does […]

3 Ways to Stay Active on the Road as a Truck Driver

Long haul truck drivers clock in around 100,000 miles annually. With this much time spent on the road, it can be difficult for drivers to exercise. Exercise is essential to a driver’s overall physical and mental health. Truck drivers have to get creative to stay fit while on the road. Finding the time to exercise […]

A Trucker’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle on the Road

Staying healthy while living on the road is a challenge most truck drivers face. Constantly being on the go makes it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. When your paycheck depends on how many miles you log, a healthy lifestyle becomes quite limited. Drivers are forced to choose unhealthy fast food options and exercise can […]