Advantages of using a load board

Should Long-Haul Truckers Take Advantage of Using a Load Board?

When the wheels are turning we’re making money. Avoiding any unnecessary downtime is vital to our ability to make a good living and using a load board like 123Loadboard is a great option for both owner/operators and companies alike. In fact, 123Loadboard is relied up by some of the largest companies on the road, including, Mercer, England, Steven’s and J.B. Hunt making it one of the best and most reliable boards on the market, a true industry leader.

What is a load board?

A load board is an online marketplace that provides a forum for shippers and brokers to find carriers and enables carriers to find loads, fill their trailers, and maximize their earning potential.

Why truckers should take advantage of using a load board

Easy and Convenient

Load boards are the easiest, most convenient way to locate loads. With hundreds of millions of loads posted annually, there is no shortage of freight to move to ensure you find a load that suits your needs. Type in your desired locations, your truck information, and you’re off to the races. It’s really that simple to use.

Save time and Miles

Using load board apps like 123Loadboard you can quickly find loads across the United States and Canada giving you the freedom to manage your asphalt adventures in any direction. Simply enter your search parameters from trailer type to loads type and you’re on track to save time, earn more per mile, and reduce deadheading. And nobody wants to deadhead…unless you’re a Grateful Dead fan. Sorry, had to.


Load boards are especially good for newly independent drivers. Using a load board helps build a network of contacts with shippers and there’s something to be said about building a community of contacts in any industry. Plus, using a load board like 123 Loadboard you get some in-depth information including credit ratings on the shipping companies, helping you determine if they are a good fit for your risk tolerance.

Get Paid

The convenience of a load board doesn’t end at finding freight. 123loadboard helps you get paid quicker and manage your cashflow through their partnership with Thunder Funding, offering Quick Pay and even Fuel Advances.

Running your own authority or a company is much more than sitting behind the wheel while the miles roll past. There is a business side of it that requires strong fiscal responsibility and knowledge. Using a load board lets you see the industry pricing averages of freight, compare your offered rates with others, and estimate your load revenues; all points you can use to ensure you make the most of your time on the road.

Handheld Convenience

And of course, load boards like 123loadboard are available on IOS and Android apps making convenience even more convenient and user-friendly. So if you’re not using a load board yet to help find freight, reduce your deadhead time, get paid, and build your network, what are you waiting for? Take a tour of 123loadboard today!

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