Safety Tips for Truck Drivers This Labor Day Weekend

Summer is coming to an end! The Trucker’s Network wishes all drivers a happy holiday weekend this Labor Day. Remember to stay safe on the road. Despite the pandemic and the travel restrictions, millions of Americans will be taking their final trips of the summer. With this many travelers on the road, remember to drive with extra caution.

Because Labor Day weekend is a sign that summer is coming to an end, many travelers are expected to travel throughout the weekend. According to CN Traveler, 42 million Americans are predicted to take road trips this holiday weekend. For many truck drivers, Labor Day is another workday. All truckers need to be extra safe during one of the deadliest times for traffic fatalities. Check out our tips on how to stay safe this Labor Day weekend.

Safety Tips

  • Stay Alert- Limit all distractions while driving. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before and put the address in the GPS before you hit the road.
  • Watch for Drunk Drivers- Many people will be celebrating this weekend. Unfortunately, that means people will be hitting the road after a few drinks. Be on the lookout for drunk drivers. Especially late at night.
  • Buckle Up- You should always be buckled up, especially during this holiday weekend.
  • Slow Down- Driving the speed limit is a safety tip every trucker should follow. Speeding, especially when surrounded by traffic, nearly triples your chance of wrecking. 
  • Check Blindspots- Be aware that most drivers are not aware of a semi’s blind spots. 
  • Watch Out For Family Gatherings- If you are driving through an area with a family gathering, drive slow, and be extra cautious. Watch out for children running around and playing near the streets.
  • Pay Attention- Distracted driving is the leading cause of crashes.
  • Plan Your Trip- Make sure to know where you’re going and know your stops before you hit the road.

A special thanks to all truck drivers and remember to stay safe!

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