Essential Items all truck driver need in their truck

Essential Items to Keep in Your Truck – Part Five: Miscellaneous Trucker Necessities

The last part in the essential items truck drivers need in their truck series is Miscellaneous Trucker Necessities. These items are what every trucker needs to keep in their truck for any emergency or any additional truck needs outside of the previous categories. You never know what will happen while on the road traveling from point A to point B, so being prepared by having the following items in your truck at all times will help.

Electronic chargers

              The first miscellaneous trucker necessity is electronic chargers.  As mentioned in a previous part of this series, we talked about keeping certain electronics in your truck with you. Whether they are for an entertainment purpose, or for the job, it is always important to keep their chargers, or even additional chargers in case of an emergency, in your truck as well.

GPS Systems

                Truck drivers travel all over the continental US to deliver their loads. In doing so, they rely on maps to show them their way. Whether the map is in the form of a GPS or Atlas, having them both in their truck is very important. In the event of not having signal, having a physical map in your truck is a good emergency precaution to take.

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Truck Documents

                Driving a truck comes with important paperwork that is required to stay in the truck. Between license and registration, work receipts and invoices, and shipping orders, a driver needs to keep them in a safe organized space within their truck. This can be accomplished by keeping folders or envelopes in your truck so they always have a place to be stored and organized.


Toolbox items

                The following are great items for a truck driver to keep in their truck in the event of breakdowns or general repairs that may need to be done in or around the truck during travels. These items should include some of the following:

  • Hammer
  • Flashlight & Batteries
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Wrench set
  • Screwdriver
  • Zip ties
  • Pliers
  • Additional Tools (based on the type of cargo being hauled)

Emergency Gear

                We all know that emergencies can happen while on the road. It is beneficial to keep the following gear handy in your truck in the event an emergency occurs. The emergency gear recommended to be kept in your truck are:

  • Road Flares and Cones
  • Chains for Tires
  • Reflective gear and clothing
  • Weather Gear
    • Rain suit
  • Boots

Emergency Contact List

                Truckers should keep an emergency contact list in their truck. By storing a back-up list, a driver can always have a copy of important names and numbers in case the digital copy was to be erased or corrupted at any time. An easy place to store these is in an envelope or folder like mentioned above.

Emergency Kit

                A trucker’s emergency kit can include several different items. One of which is a first aid kit. Accidents can happen to the best of us but being prepared is a must while on the road. Sometimes you can’t always stop to purchase these items if running short on time for a load.

This concludes our series on the essential items truck drivers need in their truck.

We would love to hear about any additional suggestions in the comments below.

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