Items Every Truck Driver Needs in Their Semi Truck

Over the road trucking is not the easiest lifestyle. Being away from home for several weeks at a time can be mentally and physically exhausting.

But just because you are away from home does not mean that you cannot bring the comfort of home with you on the road.

As a truck driver, there are certain items you need to bring with you on the road to keep you comfortable and at ease.

Keep reading below to see our recommended items truck drivers cannot live without.

Cab Comfort

Comfort is key when it comes to living on the road. A comfortable cabin makes life on the road much more enjoyable.

Your truck becomes your new home. And just like your home, there are essential items you have that keep you content.

Mattress Pad and Pillow

Sleep is extremely important. Drivers need to have the right amount of sleep every night to safely operate their big rig.

A nice mattress pad and pillow help promote a good night’s rest. As a truck driver, you deserve a nice mattress

Here are some of our recommended items:

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When you live and work in your truck, it gets difficult to keep it clean. A clean cab helps keep you relaxed and you will less likely be hassled by DOT.

Check out our recommended cleaning supplies for your big rig.



Truck Accessories 

As a truck driver, you need the right accessories to keep you comfortable and happy while on the road.

Check out our recommended truck accessories.




Truck drivers spend many hours driving, so the clothes you wear need to be comfortable while working.

Appropriate clothing can go a long way. Wearing comfortable shoes, pants, and shirts makes your drive much more pleasant




Every truck driver should be equipped with the right gear to prepare them for life on the road. Having the right trucking gear can help you handle unexpected situations while driving.

Check out some of our recommended trucking equipment.



A good headset is a necessity for truck drivers. As a truck driver, you spend a good portion of your day driving long distances. Headsets provide a safe way of communicating with people while on the road.

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