How To Survive Your First Year of Trucking

You just got your commercial driver’s license (CDL), it’s time to hit the road. Obtaining your CDL is the first step in your trucking career. The first year of your trucking career will be full of excitement. You will experience a lot and all your skills and knowledge will be put to the test. Experienced truck drivers describe the first year of trucking as the most difficult year. Other experienced truckers say, “the first year will make or break you.” If you can make it through the first year, then you can have a very rewarding career as a truck driver.

Get Experience

More experience driving will get you more work, which means more money. Some routes will be easy and some will be difficult. It’s important to keep driving. More drive time means more money, better jobs, and you gain confidence on the road.

Learn to Budget

Adjusting to the trucking lifestyle can be a shock in a lot of ways, especially to your bank account. Since you’re just starting out, you will probably not be making as much money as other truckers. Budgeting and money management is very important during your first year. We have a blog post that shares some of our favorite trucking budgeting tips.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep!

Sleep is very important to truckers, especially new truckers. Not getting the right amount of sleep can be dangerous for the trucker and those on the road. Trucking can take a toll on one’s sleep schedule. Sleeping in the truck or a new hotel every night is not ideal, but that’s what comes with the life of a trucker.

Stay in Contact with Loved Ones

Many new truckers can spend days or weeks away from home. Being away from your loved ones several weeks can be hard. Many truckers have reported feeling depressed and lonely on the road. Make sure to call and check on your friends and family at least once a day.

Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is a great way to gain understanding of the trucking industry. Finding a good mentor may be difficult but it’s worth it. It’s important to make sure the mentor you choose is an experienced driver. They can teach you a lot and you can learn from the mistakes they once made as a rookie truck driver

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