How to Prepare for the Long Haul Trucker Lifestyle

Transitioning into the long haul trucker lifestyle can be overwhelming. New truck drivers and many experienced drivers struggle with this lifestyle change. Living and working on the road has benefits. It also has disadvantages. If a long haul trucker does not adequately prepare for their new lifestyle, it can make their transition to living on the road more difficult.

Trucking schools prepare new drivers for the CDL test. They cover nearly every aspect of the written and road test. However, they do not properly prepare new drivers for the drastic lifestyle changes. For many new truck drivers, they have to prepare for life on the road on their own. They learn through trial and error. Knowing what to expect on the road helps new drivers exceed in trucking.

Learn Trucker Lingo

CB radio lingo is something new truck drivers will have to learn quickly in order to effectively communicate with other drivers on the road. Although some drivers consider CB radio’s to be a thing of the past, many drivers still use trucker lingo for other forms of communication. It is important to know and understand trucker lingo so you can be aware of what is going on around you while on the road.

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Get the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment in your truck will make life on the road much more enjoyable. Your semi truck is your home away from home. Just like home, there are a few pieces of equipment you need to have in order to live comfortably.

Cooking Equipment

Having the right cooking equipment is one of the best ways to prepare for life the long haul trucker lifestyle. As a truck driver, your food options are not the healthiest. Eating the same greasy fast food can get old quick and have negative health effects. Cooking on the road also allows drivers to save money.

Before you start cooking in your truck. You will need to invest in some equipment. In order to power different types of electrical devices, you need to have a power inverter. A power inverter allows you to plug in equipment like, microwave, portable stove, coffee maker and more.

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Trucking Equipment

There are several different types of trucking equipment that will make the life of a long haul truck driver much easier. Technology has helped truckers find the best truck routes, communicate with other drivers, and more. Before starting your journey as a long haul truck driver, make sure you have all the necessary trucking equipment.

  • Dashcam

Invest in Yourself

New truck drivers need to take care of themselves mentally and physically while on the road. Drivers easily get caught up in the stressful and sometimes chaotic lifestyle, that they forget to take care of themselves. Truck drivers need to remember to invest in themselves and find ways to prioritize themself while on the road.


Exercising is a great way to stay active and healthy while on the road. It also is a great way to relieve the stress and anxiety trucking might bring to drivers. Truck drivers, especially long haul drivers, have little time during the day to get exercise. Due to the amount of days long haul drivers spend on the road at a time, they more than likely do not frequently go to the gym. So, they will have to get creative with the way they exercise on the road.
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Get Comfortable

Living on the road does not have to be miserable. There are many ways to make living in a semi truck comfortable. Since long haul truck drivers spend the majority of their career away from home and their family, it is only fair that they have the comforts of home while they’re on the road.
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