How To Become a CDL Instructor

Thinking about taking your trucking career in a different direction? Becoming a CDL instructor can be a very rewarding and exciting job. CDL instructors have the responsibility of teaching truck drivers how to operate and handle semi trucks.

Each state has different requirements to ensure that only the best become CDL instructors. An unqualified instructor puts the truck driver and those on the road at risk.

If you are planning on becoming a CDL instructor, make sure you meet the minimum age requirement. The age varies by each state.

Next you will want to earn your own CDL and gain experience as a CDL driver. To earn your CDL you must complete a training course approved by your states Department of Motor Vehicles. The amount of experience you need varies by state. However, two years minimum is usually the requirement. Avoid getting any driving violations. Having violations reduces the chance of becoming a CDL instructor.

After getting your CDL and gaining experience, you will want to get training. Make sure to get state-approved professional driving instructor training. Most instructor-training programs are offered at colleges, vocational schools, government agencies.

Acquire an Instructor’s License from your state department of motor vehicles. In order to get your application you will have to provide your driver’s license, high school diploma or GED and a completed CDL instructor training program. Some states might require you to submit a criminal background. It might be best to call before and see what you need to bring for your application.

Pass the written exam required for all CDL instructors. Once you pass the exam, you will be granted the CDL instructor certification and you can begin working.

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