How Americans Are Thanking Truckers

As Covid19 cases increase in America, more businesses are shutting down to help slow the spread of the virus. People are encouraged to stay home and practice social distancing.

Truckers are one of the few essential businesses that continue to work through this pandemic.

Truckers are risking their health and working hard to deliver goods to stores and hospitals. Their efforts are not going unnoticed. Everyday Americans are finding creative ways to thank these heroic truckers.

Many small businesses are starting to offer special services to truckers. Local restaurants are offering discounts and curb side pick up meals for truckers. Some will even bring the hot and ready meal to the truck so truckers do not have to get out and risk getting the virus.

There are many Facebook pages sharing ways for truckers to get food during this difficult time. A group named Meals for 18 Wheels connects truckers with nearby volunteers that are providing food.

Joining trucker related Facebook groups is a great way to find businesses that are offering special services to truckers during this time.

The Trucker’s Network is working hard to find and connect truck drivers to these volunteers and businesses. Be sure to check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We also list trucking industry services daily on our website.

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