Food Storage Ideas for Long Haul Truck Drivers

As a professional truck driver, you know that space is limited in your truck cab. Living on the road with limited storage space means you have to get creative with how you store your personal belongings. Drivers will spend weeks away from home, so their semi-truck becomes their home away from home. Truck drivers are pros at making the road feel like home and stocking up on food is one of the ways they make it like home. With the number of unhealthy food options on the road, drivers need to pack healthier foods and snacks. Food storage is essential in keeping your truck clean and organized. It also helps you easily see what foods you have with you on the road. Keep reading below to learn some storage ideas for long haul truck drivers.

Electric Cooler

An electric cooler is a great way to store perishable items in your truck. They are lightweight and large enough to store and cool down several drinks and snacks. They are also a great alternative to mini-fridges. 

Check out some of our favorite electric coolers:

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Canned Foods

Canned foods are great for truckers because they require little to no preparation at all. They are also extremely cheap. You may want to consider buying a food warmer if you prefer a hot meal. When storing cans in your truck, we suggest putting them into a container and placing them under the lower bunk. This will limit the cans rolling around in your truck while driving. 

Storage Containers

Storage containers will be a trucker’s best friend while on the road. Drawers and storage containers are great for storing clothes, toiletries, and food. Three drawer storage containers make it easy to organize and store your favorite foods or drinks. 

Here are some of our recommended storage containers:



Baskets allow you to find the food that you need quickly and easily. We recommend using clear baskets so you can easily see what is in the baskets. You will need to secure the baskets so they do not move around while you are driving. Buy some bungee cords to keep your baskets secure in the bunk or cabinets.

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