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Being on the road can make you feel free, excited and adventurous. It can also make you feel lonely and even depressed. It’s important for truckers, especially long haul truck drivers, to bring items on the road to keep them entertained. Truckers have 10 hours off per 24 hour day. Depending on how long the driver sleeps, there can be several hours where the trucker has nothing to do. We have broken down the list of essential items to keep in your truck into several different categories. The second category we will talk about is entertainment.

Laptop or Tablet

Bring a laptop or tablet and stream your favorite movies or T.V. shows. If you don’t have access to WiFi or a personal hotspot, you can still bring your laptop, some DVDs and watch a movie.

Game Console

Playing games is a great way to keep yourself entertained. You can also play with your friends! Bring your Xbox or PlayStation and set up your own gaming station in the cab of your truck.


Puzzles, Crosswords or Cards

If gaming or watching movies do not interest you, bring some puzzles or crosswords to solve. You can also get a deck of cards and play games like: Solitaire, March same rank, Devil’s grip, Klondike.



Reading books is a great way to pass time and improve brain connectivity. Some popular trucker books:

  • The Highway by C.J. Box

  • Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon

  • Paradise Valley by C.J. Box

  • Rough Way to the Highway by Kelly Mack McCoy

Exercise Equipment

Truck driver’s health suffers from the lack of exercise. Bringing exercise equipment on the road will keep you entertained and improve your overall well being. There are several portable exercise equipment items that you can store in the cab of your truck.

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Resistance bands


Running Shoes


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