Clothing items to keep in your truck

Essential Items to Keep in your Truck – Part One: Clothing

Truck drivers spend the majority of their time on the road traveling, which makes their truck their home away from home. Just like a person has household essentials, truck drivers have essentials items that they need to bring on the road. Bringing these items on the road will prepare them for anything their trip might throw at them. Whether that be weather, downtime, comfort, or even different types of loads. We have broken down the list of essential items to keep in your truck into several different categories. The first category we will talk about is Clothing items every trucker should keep in their truck.

Comfy Trucking Wear

Its import to be comfortable while driving, as some spend up to 11 hours a day driving.  Not only does comfortable clothing help mentally while driving, it can also help physically as well. Wearing too tight of clothes, especially around the abdomen area is known to upset the nerves and muscles in your legs, back and abdomen. It can also make it hard to breath as well. So, you should bring along, loose fitting clothing that you find comfortable and allow to avoid any unnecessary pain or aches.

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    Trucking Apparel examples are:

  • T-shirts
  • Jeans
  • Shorts

Off Duty Clothes: Don’t forget to have some extra off-duty clothes available as well. Some examples are:   

  • Clothes to Sleep in
    • Pajamas
  • Clothes for off-duty activities
    • Exercising
    • Lounging


The second clothing items that should be keep in your truck is shoes. Not only do you need to bring the shoes for driving, there are other import types of shoes to remember.

  • Work Boots:
    • Work boots are generally required by most carriers for their drivers.
  • Off-duty shoes:
    • They are good to have on hand as you may not want to wear your driving shoes to places you go while you are not driving.
  • Shower shoes:
    • Another good type of shoes to remember to bring is shower shoes. Most shower places require truckers to wear shower shoes to use their facilities. Shower shoes provide a driver with a dedicated shoe that doesn’t matter if moisture or dampness occurs. Plus, if you drive in boots or harder to get off shoes, shower shoes can provide quick and easy removal for faster shower prep.
  • Running Shoes:
    • It’s important to stay active while on their road. Sitting for 11 hours a day can be hard on a body. Stay active by running, or walking during you off-duty time. Proper running shoes will help with this


A jacket is a good item to keep in the truck. A driver’s route could have them driving through places with varying temperatures. Always be prepared for the unexpected is a great motto to live by, not only in your trucking career, but also in your everyday life. Also, don’t forget your Raincoat as some areas could be raining while others could be dry. This will avoid a driver from sitting in wet clothes for hours with the use of a rain coat.

Safety Attire

                Last clothing items that truckers should always keep in their truck is Safety Attire. These items can include the following:

  • Work boots
    • Steal Toe Boots if flatbed – insulated boots for Winter
  • Hard Hat
    • Protection for your head
  • Safety Glasses
    • Protect your vision
  • Coveralls
    • Protect your clothing
  • Sunglasses
    • Help your vision during sunrise, during the day, and sunset

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