Essential Items Every Truck Driver Should Keep In Their Truck

Everyday as a truck is a new adventure. Truck drivers are often placed in unpredictable situations and are not trained on how to handle every situation. Becoming a successful truck driver takes time. There will be good times and bad times. Successful truck drivers have learned from their mistakes and over time have learned how to prepare for life on the road. Here are our tips on essential items every truck driver should always keep in their truck.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kid is a trucker’s best friend when in a tight situation. Having a kit in your truck is a great way to prepare for an injury or roadside emergency. First aid kits treat the most common injury and each kit should includes: bandages, antiseptics, burn treatment, personal protection equipment.


As a trucker, you can’t always rely on technology to get you places. Navigation devices can break and you will not always have signal. Owning an atlas serves as a great backup plan to get you to your destination.

Portable Toilet

Going to the restroom as a trucker can be quite a process. Not every exit offers trucker friendly restrooms and sometimes rest areas close. Also, truckers will experience traffic delays or construction zones. Having a portable toilet in your truck allows you to use the restroom, no matter what the circumstance is.

Baby Wipes

When you spend most of your days in the truck, things can get messy. Baby wipes make it easy for a quick clean up. Use baby wipes to wipe down your dashboard, the interior of your truck, or clean the grease of your hands.

Extra Clothes

Truckers should always bring extra work clothes and shoes just in case they get stuck outside in rainy or snowy weather. Nothing is work than getting rained on and going back on the road in soaking wet clothes. Also, bring extra off duty clothes in case your truck breaks down and you have to spend a few nights in a hotel.

Keeping these essential items in your truck will make life on the road much easier and you will be more prepared for unpredictable situations. Share with us your the essential items you think every truck driver should keep in their truck.

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