Coronavirus: Thank a Trucker

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) was first detected in Wuhan, China. Since its outbreak in 2019, the virus has spread to more than 150 locations internationally. We have seen hospitals built, deaths, panic, businesses shut down and more.

As coronavirus cases increase in America, President Trump and local officials have urged Americans to self-quarantine and take necessary health precautions to stay safe and keep others safe. As a result of the quarantine and social distancing, business are shutting down and people have started panic buying. Businesses are working hard to replenish their stock.

Right now, there is a high demand for certain items: toilet paper, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes. Truck drivers are working hard to get those items to stores, back on the shelves, and into your hands.

Truckers are America’s unsung heroes. Times like these tend to reveal the individuals who are truly essential to our everyday life.

During these trying times, it seems like there’s not much Americans can do. But the one thing you can do is, Thank a trucker. Without truck drivers and their sacrifices, the situation we are currently in would be much worse.

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