CDL Permit Test Study Tips for Truck Drivers

The CDL permit test is one of the most important tests you will take in your trucking career. Drivers must pass the test to practice driving a semi-truck, bus, or any other vehicle that is over 26,000 pounds. Like any test, you need to study and take the necessary steps to get prepared. The CDL permit test covers a lot of information. Studying the entire 180 page CDL manual can be overwhelming and exhausting. Luckily, we have some CDL permit test study tips to help make studying for the exam much less stressful. Keep reading below for CDL permit test study tips.

What is the CDL Permit Test

Just like you have to get a permit before obtaining your regular driver’s license, you need to get a commercial learner’s permit (CLP) before you can earn your CDL. A CLP allows you to operate a commercial motor vehicle while under supervision by a valid CDL holder. To get a CLP, you must first pass the CLP test. The CLP test is a 100 question, written exam divided up into three sections: general knowledge, air brakes, and combination vehicles. 

CDL Permit Test Study Tips

The CDL permit covers a lot of information. Typically, a state CDL manual is over 180 pages long! If you want to pass, you will need to allow yourself plenty of time to study and prepare. Trying to cram all the study material in a couple of days before the exam will not give you the best results. We suggest studying a little bit each day when you are alert and able to retain as much information as possible.

Get your state’s CDL handbook

Each state has its own CDL handbook that has answers to questions that are found on the CDL permit test. It’s important to have the most up-to-date version of the handbook. To download your state’s CDL handbook, click here.

Find out what to study

So, you have your state’s CDL handbook, now it’s time to study. The key to studying for the CDL permit test is to study smart – not hard. Finding out what is exactly on the exam is one way of studying smart. Take a look at the DMV CDL study guide

Also, check out Study Guide Zone’s CDL Test Study.

Take a practice test

Practice tests are a great way to show what you know and what you need to be studying. Also, taking a practice test can make you feel more familiar and confident, which will help to reduce anxiety on the day of the CDL permit test. Check out They provide a free, full-length general knowledge practice exam. 

In Conclusion 

Studying for the CDL permit test may seem overwhelming at first, but establishing a good study routine will help you get prepared and reduce stress. Remember, know what is on the test, focus on topics you are weak on, take a practice test, and have fun.

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