CB Radio Lingo: Learn How to Talk like a Truck Driver

CB radios have provided a way for truckers to communicate on the road for several years. In the mid to late 1970s, CB radios became extremely popular. However, due to newer technology and cell phones, their popularity has decreased. In fact, truckers who are entering the industry today are more likely to use smartphones, apps and social media to communicate with other truckers on the road. There are many benefits to still using a CB radio. Truck drivers use a special CB radio lingo while communicating on the road. It is important to know and understand their lingo, so you can be aware of what is going on around you.

CB Radio Lingo for Safety

Although CB radios are becoming a thing of the past, many truckers still rely on them for important information about the road. Truck drivers have been saved from hours of sitting in traffic delays, warned about incoming weather, and notified of potential safety risks. Here are some safety CB radio trucker lingo examples:

  • Bambi – Is a term when truckers spot a living or dead deer.
  • Black Eye – Truckers use this term when they see that a vehicle’s headlight is out.
  • Brake Check – This means there is traffic congestion ahead and a trucker will need to slow down or possibly come to a stop.
  • Greasy – The road is icy or slippery.
  • Hundred Dollar Lane – This term describes a traffic lane where trucks are prohibited from.
  • Local Information – Truckers say this when they are needing directions in an area they are unfamiliar with.
  • Destruction – This means road construction.
  • Shiny Side Up – This means safe travels.

CB Radio Lingo for Law Enforcement

Truck drivers use CB radios to notify other truckers of law enforcement on the road. This comes in handy while driving.

  • Bear Den – Police station headquarters
  • Brush Your Teeth and Comb Your Hair – This means a law enforcement vehicle is radaring vehicles.
  • County Mountie Is a term for county police or a deputy.
  • Full-Grown Bear – A State Trooper.
  • Mama Bear – A female police officer.
  • Bear – This is what truckers call police officers.
  • Plain Wrapper – Is a term to notify truckers of an unmarked police car.
  • Taking Pictures – A warning that a police officer is using a radar gun ahead.
  • Bear in the Bushes – Truckers use this term when they spot a police officer hiding with a radar gun.

Popular Terms for Truckers

Truckers use many different types of slang terms while communicating on the radio. In order to follow along and stay up to date, it’s important to know these popular slang terms.

  • 4-10 – This means someone agrees with what is being said.
  • 10-4 – This is a truckers way of saying “OK”.
  • Chicken Coop – Truckers often use that term to describe weigh stations.
  • Double-nickels – a 55 mph zone.
  • All Locked Up – A closed weigh station.
  • Boulevard – The Interstate.
  • Cash Register – This refers to a tollbooth.
  • Go-go Juice – “I need to get some fuel”.
  • Yardstick – A mile marker.
  • Driving Award – A speeding ticket.
  • Four- Letter Word – Truckers use this term to let others know that a weigh station is open.
  • Front Door – This means, “In front of you”.
  • Good Neighbor – This is a term used to show appreciation to someone else.
  • Lumper – Is a term used to describe someone who helps unload/load trailers. They typically want cash in return.
  • Meat Wagon – An ambulance.
  • Mud Duck – Is a weak radio signal.

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