BMC 91X – A Trucking Insurance Requirement for Interstate Truckers

Being a trucker means you have to abide by many federal and state rules and regulations. One of the many regulations a trucker has to comply with is insurance filings. There are many filings required for a truck driver to be compliant. However, the exact one(s) a trucker needs relies specifically on what they do in their particular operation. One of the most common federally required filings is a BMC 91 or BMC 91X filing. But what is this filing and why is it a trucking insurance requirement for most truckers? This is a common question asked by most truckers and this article explains these questions and more.

What is a BMC 91 or BMC 91X?

First off, what is a BMC 91 filing? A BMC 91 filing is a federal filing associated with public liability insurance. Otherwise known as commercial auto liability insurance. This filing assures The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or the FMCSA, that the trucking company has the minimum required insurance limit for their type of operation to cover the elevated risk associated with transporting goods across state lines.

Difference between BMC 91 & BMC 91x

So, what is the difference between a BMC 91 and a BMC 91X filing? The main difference is the BMC 91X filing is required if a trucking company has multiple insurance providers instead of just one.

Who needs to have a BMC 91 or BMC 91X filing?

Not every truck driver needs to have this filing. So then, who should have a BMC 91 or BMC 91x? Any interstate carrier (someone that hauls or transports goods across state lines), or anyone that classifies as a for-hire trucking operation (someone that moves other’s commodities for a fee), and anyone that is hauling hazardous cargo must have a BMC 91 or BMC 91x filing.

Who needs to submit a BMC 91 or BMC 91X filings?

Lastly, once you’ve determined if you need to have this filing made on your behalf, who handles submitting this filing to the FMCSA? Your commercial auto liability insurance carrier, or their appointed underwriter, submits these filings for you. They must maintain their supply of these forms and are set up to submit this filing electronically with the FMCSA.

If you still have questions on whether your operation needs to have this filing, be sure to reach out to your current insurance agent or an agent with our partnered trucking specialist insurance agency, Trinity Insurance. They will be able to assist you in all your trucking insurance needs.

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  1. I was told by a local agent that he could acquire commercial insurance for my hot shot truck and trailer. I am also an owner of a brokerage under the same mc and dot #s. i was told this was being taken care of and now it is still in process im told ! i just received a letter from fmcsa telling me i only have a certain amount of time to meet these requirements. I was sent info and a quote and was told to wait to sign and return documents until after the dot or fmcsa and the insurance company that quoted me had been given time to get my certificates reflected to the fmcsa by my agent ! if he doesn’t follow through with his promise of insurance what do I do ? I only filed and processed my boc3 filing because I was told this was a done deal. Does your office write insurance for dual mc’s such as mine ?

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