Fuel Card Benefits for Truckers

Whether you are a new trucker or been in the business for years, managing your expenses is the key for longevity in this industry. We all know that fuel is an every day essential for any truck driver and one of the biggest expense for any truckers to budget. But, is there anything truckers can do to help with this expense? Fuel Cards are a great way for truckers to help combat this expense. So what are some fuel card benefits for truckers?

What is a Fuel Card?

First off, what is a fuel card? Simply put, a fuel card is a payment card for companies who operates vehicles within their course of business. Fuel cards provide truckers with an easy, efficient way to help control their vehicle fuel cost.

What are the Benefits?

Now, what are the benefits of a fuel card to truckers? Whether you’re a one-unit trucking company or fleet sized, there are many fuel card benefits for truckers!

The Truckers Network has partnered with COMDATA to provide our members with the opportunity to sign-up with their fuel card program. Running a business can be stressful but COMDATA is here to help! COMDATA has been helping truckers like you save money, maintain compliancy, and run more effectively for more than 50 years. By signing up and being approved with COMDATA Mastercard® and MyFleet Program you will receive the following Benefits:

  • Fuel Savings
  • Tire Discounts
  • Capital Options
  • Spending Controls
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Nationwide Acceptance

Help provide your company some additional piece of mind by applying today!

Be sure to click here to learn more about ComData’s Fuel Card Program and the amazing benefits your will earn by signing up today.

Please note: The Trucker’s Network does receive incentive for every approved account that signs up using the above link.

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