Reducing Stress as a Truck Driver

7 Simple Ways to Reduce and Manage Stress as a Truck Driver

We all know that being a Truck Driver comes with stress. Between the loneliness of the job to the health problems it can cause to keeping up with all the trucking regulations, it is no wonder why truckers can find themselves with increased stress levels. Truckers spend majority of their time alone driving from one destination to another. This loneliness can be hard on anyone, but add on top of that, the health problems that comes with sitting all day driving could increase anybody’s stress levels. However, there are ways that truck drivers can reduce and manage their stress levels. Here are some ways to help.

1.) REST

One way to reduce and manage stress levels is by getting plenty of rest. Exhaustion causes the body to increase stress levels. Adequate sleep can help. Take advantage of anytime you have the ability to get rest. This job doesn’t always allow for a good night’s rest but improving your current sleep patterns can help.


Another great way to help truck drivers reduce their stress levels is by practicing a healthier lifestyle. This includes a proper diet and exercise routine. Eating healthy while on the road can be difficult. It’s easy to get food from a truck stop or fast food restaurant but those are not always the healthiest options. Try keeping some healthier food with you in the cab of your truck. In addition, sitting the majority of the day driving is not healthy on a person’s body. Be sure to get some exercise in your daily routine as much as possible. This helps with the release of dopamine throughout your body. Dopamine is a chemical that help keep stress levels from rising.


Stress balls are a great stress management equipment that can be used to lower stress in a trucker’s daily life. Stress balls are a great way to release any tension you may be storing in your body and, in addition, they help with providing increased blood circulation. The release of tension and improved circulation helps to allow oxygen and blood flow throughout the body to your organs to function properly.


One more way to manage stress levels as a truck driver is to plan routes before departure. This will allow drivers to always be prepared for what could happen. Being prepared can mean that the fastest, safest route is being taken. Also, it can help plan parking and fuel ahead of time to avoid potential mishaps that could occur.


Being on the road as a trucker means that you spend the majority of the time away from your family and friends. When available, truck drivers should spend quality time with loved ones, whether this be in-person or through the phone. This will help decrease your stress for the trip ahead. Being around or communicating with loved ones allows oxytocin to be release in your body. The chemical oxytocin has anti-depressant effects on the body causing a person to feel good. The more oxytocin release while spending time with family or friends can help with reducing stress.


Practicing good breathing techniques can help reduce stress in truckers. It reduces stress by sending signals from the brain telling your body to relax. Breathing affects the whole body. Good breathing techniques reduces your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing in turn relieving stress.


The last way a trucker can reduce and manage stress is to not forget to take time to yourself. Being overwhelmed with everyday situations is a big contender to elevated stress levels. By making time for yourself, your brain is able to relocate its energy to positive things. This can be done by taking small walks, doing a puzzle or just meditating alone.

Let us know in the comments if you have any additional suggestions on how truck drivers can reduce or manage stress levels.

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