5 Tips for Finding the Lowest Cost on Trucking Insurance

Semi-truck insurance is a big, yet necessary expense for truck drivers. Over the recent years, truck insurance premiums have been on the rise. Truck drivers, like any other individual, have necessary and unnecessary expenses. Trucking insurance is a necessary and high expense. If you are looking for ways to find the lowest cost on trucking insurance, check out our 5 tips below.

Consider your trucking routes

The routes you choose have an effect on your commercial trucking insurance premiums. Avoid areas with abnormal climate conditions and population density. If possible, avoid high metropolitan areas such as, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago

Clean driving record

Your driving record is a good indicator of your current driving ability. If your driving history is full of many accidents, you will more than likely be involved in an accident in the future. Trucking insurance companies look at your driving record to see how responsible of a driver you are. The more accidents = higher premiums Note: Some insurance companies look at personal driving records. Make sure all driving records are clean.

Experience in driving

Your driving experience is one of the key factors that trucking insurance providers look at. Experienced drivers handle stress, bad weather, and other difficulties on the road better than new drivers. Ideally, truck drivers should have at least 2 years of truck driving experience. Note: It also helps to have experience in the trucking you are getting quoted for.

Consider a higher deductible

If you tried all the above recommendations and still find yourself paying high premiums, consider adjusting your semi truck insurance policy. Paying a high deductible results in lower trucking insurance costs. However, you will have to pay higher upfront costs if you encounter an accident.

Choose the right trucking insurance agent

Choosing the right trucking insurance agent is crucial when trying to find the lowest cost on trucking insurance. You will want to choose an agent that specializes in trucking insurance. Choosing the right trucking insurance agent will assist you in getting the right coverage at the lowest cost.

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  1. I find it helpful to know that it’s crucial to have a truck driver with at least two years of driving experience when getting truck insurance. It’s also best to do research to find the right insurance agent. My brother, who’s planning to be a truck owner-operator, would benefit from your tips. Thanks.

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