5 Common Mistakes New Truck Drivers Make

Truck driving is undoubtedly a difficult career. It requires physical, emotional and mental strength from an individual. Trucking can be stressful at times. New drivers entering the industry might feel intimidated or nervous. There are many laws and regulations with truck driving. Drivers need to be fully prepared in order to have a successful career in trucking. Due to the amount of rules on the road, it can take drivers some time to learn. Mistakes will happen with rookie drivers and professional drivers. However, some mistakes can cost you more time and money. We put together a list of common mistakes new truck drivers make. Mistakes can happen at any level, but these are some common mistakes made by new truck drivers.

Being Overconfident

It is good to have confidence, but being overly confident can be dangerous. There are many laws, rules and regulations to learn about truck driving. It is impossible to come out of trucking school and be completely prepared for life on the road. It takes time and experience to become a professional, experienced truck driver. New drivers often make the mistake of being overly confident when they first get their CDL. Avoid this mistake by making sure you are comfortable on the road, but not overly confident.

Not Being Organized

Truck drivers have tons of important papers that need to be in their truck. Being organized will help make life on the road much less stressful. All the paperwork can become overwhelming to new drivers. Take time to organize your documents so they are easily accessible.

Taking Bad Advice

As a new truck driver, you will likely receive advice from many different types of truck drivers. It is important to know the good advice from the bad. Make sure you trust the person giving you advice. Listening to bad advice could put you in dangerous situations.

Not Taking Care Of Your Health

Health is extremely important to truck drivers. Poor health could result in not being able to renew your CDL. As a new truck driver, it can be difficult to adjust to life on the road. On top of the stress with your new job, you are also away from your loved ones. Stress and anxiety can affect your mental and physical health. It is important to stay healthy on the road. Prioritize eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep, exercising and drinking water.

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Not Asking For Help

Do not be afraid to ask for help. It looks better for a new truck driver to ask for help on something than to mess something up because they were too afraid or proud to ask questions. Most experienced truck drivers understand how overwhelming it is to be a new driver and they will be willing to help you.

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