5 Common Health Hazards Truck Drivers Face

A healthy lifestyle is often overlooked by most truckers. Due to work conditions in the trucking industry, it is difficult for truckers to live a healthy lifestyle. Living on the road makes it hard for truckers to prioritize their health. Truck drivers have limited access to healthy food, lack sleep and exercise. Due to their work and living conditions, truck drivers statistically have more health problems. It is important for truck drivers to be aware of the common health hazards they face. To live a long healthy life, truckers will have to focus on their health and make a conscious effort to be healthy. Check out 5 common health hazards truck drivers face.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep is crucial for truck drivers. Lack of sleep can make driving dangerous. A study shows that long haul truck drivers obtained less sleep than the required amount for alertness on the job. Truckers need a good night’s sleep to be fully alert and ready to take on the road the next morning. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for keeping a truck driver alert and productive. Truck drivers travel several hundred miles each day. To reach their destination on time, they will have to prioritize sleep so they can be alert and ready to take on the day.


When you live in a tiny truck cab and drive for 11 hours a day, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, obesity is a terrible problem that American truck drivers face. According to the American Dietetic Association, 86 percent of truck drivers are obese. Healthy food is hard to come by while living and working on the road. Truck stops offer greasy, high calorie food rather than healthy fruits and vegetables. It is important for truck drivers to be conscious of what they eat. There are many other health risks that come with fast food and truck stop food.

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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a silent killer of both your health and trucking career. A poor diet, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise are causes of high blood pressure. Truckers need to be aware of the causes of high blood pressure and take the necessary steps to avoid them. Not only does high blood pressure put your life at risk, it can also disqualify you from driving. Trucks with stage three hypertension 180/110+ are automatically disqualified.


Truck drivers spend a significant amount of time away from home and their loved ones. They also work alone for 11 hours a day. It’s not uncommon for truckers to start to develop symptoms of depression. Truck driving is not an easy job. It comes with a lot of stress and anxiety. Depression not only affects a person mentally, it also affects you physically. Depression affects your energy levels and the amount of sleep you get. It can also cause a change in appetite, headaches and muscle aches. It’s important for truck drivers to consider their mental health as well as their physical.

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Lack of Exercise

After driving for 11 hours a day, exercising might be one of the last things a truck driver wants to do. Even though truck driving does not require much physical activity, it is still emotionally and mentally exhausting. Many truck drivers today do not have a daily workout routine. There are many health benefits to working out. It can decrease the risk of heart diseases, improve mental health and help control your weight. Set aside 30 minutes each day to exercise and you will begin to see improvements in your health.

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