4 Ways to Prevent Diesel Gelling this Winter Season.

The winter season brings a whole new set of challenges for truck drivers, and keeping your fuel system in good shape is one of them. During the winter months, the diesel fuel in your semi-truck can gel or even solidify. If you do not take the necessary preventative steps, you may experience expensive repairs, your truck not starting, or the engine shut down. To avoid diesel gelling this winter, check out our 4 tips to prevent diesel gelling below.

What Causes Diesel Gelling?

Diesel fuel contains paraffin wax. As the temperature begins to drop, the paraffin starts to solidify. When the temperature reaches 32 degrees, wax crystals begin forming, and the fuel tank becomes clouded. At 10-15 degrees, it will finally begin to gel, clog the truck’s tank and fuel filters. 

How to Prevent Diesel Fuel Gelling

Use Petrexx’s fuel additive 

Using the right fuel additive will make your life easier, plus save you time and money. Petrexx has designed its fuel additives as a one-stop-solution for all fuel-related problems. Not only does Petrexx’s fuel additives stop gelling and waxing, but they also clean out your fuel systems and injector nozzles, reducing idling time, and much more. Learn more about Petrexx’s fuel additives and see how you can save on your next purchase here

Invest in a block heater

An engine block heater keeps the core temperature of your engine nice and comfortable. Investing in a block heater can limit the time spent cold starting and draining your battery. They also help limit the crystallization of wax in fuel and other types of gelling.

Keep your tank filled up with fuel

Try to keep your tank more than halfway full of fuel. Having more fuel in your tank reduces the chance of water or condensation to build up and freeze.

Change fuel filter 

A brand new fuel filter helps limit the chances of gelling. The fuel filter media holds contaminants that have been filtered out of the fuel. The more contaminants in the fuel, the quicker gelling will form. 

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