4 Tips to Maximize Your Truck Driver Income

There has never been a better time to be a truck driver. Studies show that the United States truck driver shortage will more than double over the next decade. The industry is in need of dedicated drivers to replace aging drivers. However, the industry has a high turnover rate because of the tough nature of the work. Truck drivers have the potential to make a decent salary. But, many new drivers do not stick around due to the tough nature of the job. If truck driving interests you, here are 4 tips to maximize your truck driver income.

Gain Experience

Like any other job, experience often comes with better pay. This is especially true for the trucking industry. Drivers with experience make several thousand more each year. It takes a few years to gain experience, but once you do, your paychecks will be worth it.

Get Different Endorsements on Your CDL

Having different endorsements on your CDL will widen your job opportunities and maximize your truck driver income. With different types of endorsements you will be able to drive specific trucks and haul specific goods that you could not before. Here are some endorsements to consider:

  • Tanker Endorsement
  • HAZMAT Endorsement
  • Double/Triples Endorsement

To make the most out of your truck driving career, get as many endorsements on your CDL as possible.

Become a CDL Instructor

If you are looking to take your trucking career in another direction, consider becoming a CDL instructor. CDL instructors are responsible for teaching new truck drivers how to handle and operate heavy duty vehicles. Instructors average $52,000 per year and have the potential to make up to $80,000.

Each state has different requirements for becoming a CDL instructor. If you are considering becoming an instructor, check out our blog How To Become A CDL Instructor.

Consider Team Driving

Team driving is when two qualified drivers with CDLs drive one truck. This is a great option if drivers want to cut expenses in half and bring in more money. There are many benefits to team driving. Check out our blog post Benefits of Team Driving.

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